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Chamber of Commerce

A chamber of commerce is usually a local organization of business owners that promote business and further business interest in the community. Some Chambers of Commerce are local to their city, county, statewide and some are even national.

All Chambers of Commerce also provide many opportunities for networking and community participation. Because of this, there may be many opportunities to build links through participating in your local chamber.

Link From the Chamber Website

Many Chambers of Commerce maintain a website that frequently lists their business members names, contact information, and web addresses. Inclusion onto this list should result in a link back to your website from the Chamber of Commerce’s website.

In some cases a Chamber of Commerce may even maintain a business directory for the general public which would also include links back to each businesses website.

If you are joining your chamber of commerce just for the link building opportunities it may be smart to check their website beforehand to verify that links to business websites are present and seo-friendly.

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Networking for Links

Links found on the chamber’s website are not the only opportunity for links from the Chamber of Commerce. Other opportunities to build links through the Chamber of Commerce may come from other business members that have their own websites.

You can take advantage of the chamber’s networking events to meet other business owners in your area that also have websites. In situations like this you can develop relationships with business owners that run complimentary businesses to your own where adding link to your business on their website would add value to their user experience as well as providing a value-add for your users if you were to link to them from your website.

This type of cooperation among business owners can be started by attending Chamber of Commerce networking events and other events in the community that put business owners in touch with each other.

You can find your local chamber of commerce at the US Chamber of Commerce Directory.

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