Keyword Stuffing: Definitely a Big NO

Keywords or key phrases are being used to determine what website is most suitable for a particular search. Excellent choice of keywords may lead to an increase in ranking and position. During keyword combination, selection and placing, most webmasters try to get the most out of the words to ensure target.

However, keyword stuffing, the act of loading a webpage with scores of keywords in order to control and manipulate search engine rankings is considered unethical and corrupt mode of search engine optimization. This could also lead to harmful and destructive effects that could damage your website because most search engines no longer give high ratings to a webpage who use this method.

Keep your key wording as normal as possible!

There are countless ways to catch the attention of visitors and guests. Nonetheless, it will not help if you over do it. Search engine ranking criteria is based content, worth and quality so it will be better to carefully select words that give out much importance and relevance to your site. Check out on the basic rules that will help you construct your website keyword.

Guidelines in choosing your SEO keyword:

Have a wide range of keyword frequency. You can use exact and accurate words and phrases, non exact but related words or partial matching.

Be careful in choosing the words that you will use. Consider both quality and quantity so that the site will not be considered fraudulent.

Determine the level and extent of keyword domination in a page.

Check if your keywords and preferred phrases are close to the content of your pages. Search engines give weight to outstanding and prominent keyword, thus, it will be helpful to place ample number of your keywords on the top and bottom part of the page.

Refrain from placing words in small sizes because this is a form of word stuffing that search engines may reject and decline.

Make wise guesses in dealing with keyword prominence and frequency because search engines do not make public know what their criteria is and it will be up to you to check whether your keyword strategies still fall within the allowed parameters. It may be helpful to do researches and tract observations of other established websites to gather tips that could be used in your site.

In order to avoid being considered as spam, the website keyword distribution must be kept to the standard and average.

Of course, you would not want to be labeled as a fraud, devious and deceitful website owner. In order to avoid this, you can review, evaluate and appraise misused and distorted keywords. Make sure that repetition of words is done as natural as possible. Bringing your parameter in line with high averages is not an assurance that you will have outstanding, first rate rankings. Keep your keyword selection process within the limitations and restrictions of the ethical internet trade and marketing. By doing so, you are not only guaranteed to reach your targeted traffic, for sure your online business will be at its best.

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