Free Link Popularity Checker: Is it Accurate?

With the boom on Internet-based businesses, much software has also been popping out of the market about link building, SEO tools and link popularity checking software tools, as well. There are different advertisings with regards to the different services that each one has to offer for webmasters to know their popularity rating.

The Important of Having a Popularity Check

Discovering the ranking of the website in the Internet world is done for two things: to know when link popularity methods used are effective. Secondly, it is for website owners to know when popularity of the website is developed or when the ranking is good and needs to be maintained.

Important Information to be analyzed in your Website for an Accurate Link Popularity Check

  • Home Page’s Inbound Links

The idea behind the home page inbound links and link popularity is that the more pages link to your home page, the more important your home page becomes, it, therefore, deserves comparatively a higher ranking than expected. However, it can simply be applied on any of your website page.

  • Whole Site’s Inbound Links

Well, each inbound link present on any web page comes from a page that itself has quality inbound links. As we already stated that the more inbound links a page carry, the more important it becomes and so the inbound link to our page. This is what attracts google to give more weight to your whole site’s inbound links from all important and relevant pages as compared to lesser pages.

  • Deep Link’s Percentage

The internal links are the same as the deep links. They must come in link popularity check if the effective analysis of the links is done.

  • Search Engine Directory Inclusion

If you have submitted your website URl to all major search engine directories, link popularity checker will do the foremost job to show you all backlinks. Needless to say, they are the most effective and mostly permanent links.

  • Links from Sites with .gov and .edu

Sites with limited top-level domains (TLD) such as .edu and .com carry a harder entry level. Getting linked in such sites are of more importance and will provide high popularity rate for sites these sites linked with.

  • Indexed Pages

Getting indexed means that the site has inbound links, the check on how many search engines has indexed your website must be a routine for the free link popularity checker to be accurate and useful for you.

With the high demands on the link popularity checks for website masters and owners needs, it is not surprising to have the software tools free and for sale coming in popularity. It still relies on the judgment and priorities of the website owner when to consider any of the many free link popularity check to be accurate. Getting only one check but a couple of different checks may help in the website optimization.

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